Our Exclusive Dexypaws Slow Feeder

Hey guys, girls and humans! I hope you all are enjoying hearing what I have to bark about. I am back again today to talk about another one of my favourite and most used items from dexypaws.  

One thing you can’t live without: the dexypaws slow feeder. My favourite part about the slow feeders is that they have my name in them. “Dexy” comes from Dexter so you will all think of me when you are using them. These bowls are made for dogs of all shapes and sizes. All dogs should eat in style and these feeders come in a variety of five unique colours: grey, red, sea foam, emerald and mauve. This is great because you and your four legged siblings or friends can all pick a colour ! I personally like the red and the emerald the best, I think they stand out the most. Aside from being one of my favourite things, they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The feeders are made from renewable materials such as corn, sugarcane and sugar beet. The dexypaws slow feeders are food safe and have many health benefits for all my furry friends. 

Most dogs eat fast and some just stick their head in the bowl and chow down (no judgment, I am hungry too). This can result in vomiting, choking, food bloating or gastrointestinal discomfort. Those eager eaters take in alot of air as well. This is not always a health concern but causes a lot of tooting, which my pawrents do not seem to love. We do not like any of those things, but the slow feeder can prevent or stop these things from happening. The goal is simply to prevent us dogs from consuming too much food too quickly. Slowing down the speed at which we eat is important so that our food can digest properly. The slow feeder helps this process by controlling the portions of food we can eat at a time. Smaller portions of food inhaled at once, allows for better movement through our stomachs. This could also help with weight loss for those of us who enjoy large bowls or maybe one too many treats (we have all been there, beach season is right around the corner). 

Slow feeders also act as a puzzle (kind of a fun game). We are less likely to overeat when we are having to use our brains more in order to do so. Slow feeders make us think differently  in order to eat which will allow us dogs to recognize a meal opposed to a quick snack. This will also allow us to relax and actually enjoy our food, and maybe even feel full after. The dexypaws slow feeder will help my furry friends to stop inhaling their food and then looking to our humans for more. We know how hard it is for them to say no to our puppy dog eyes, but our health is what is most important! 

Wishing your week is pawsome and filled with an (appropriate) amount of treats, sniff ya later!