MY FAVOURITE Bamboo Dual-Sided Brush for Dogs & Cats


Good day, I am so happy you are here… I think I peed a little bit!  

             Hoping your week has been full of belly rubs, treats, plenty of play time and a good brushing or two. If your pawrents do not brush your coats already, I think we can sway them to start (use the puppy dog eyes). I love when my humans brush me. It is so relaxing, I usually fall asleep ! After a good brushing I feel my most handsome and love to strut around the park, pawsifically around my female furry friends. My favorite part about my humans brushing me is that we do not even have to leave the house. Although I love my groomers, at home brushing can be more comfortable and enjoyable for some. Grooming time is also great bonding time with my pawrents! 

             Let me introduce you to the dexypaws Bamboo Dual-Sided Brush for Dogs and Cats. Not to be mixed up with a chew toy (sorry, mom). This brush is eco-friendly and easy on human hands during use. The brush is designed to gently remove loose hairs, eliminate tangles, knots and trapped dirt in our fur. It leaves my coat looking shiny and feeling soft. The brush has two different sides.. One side has gentle boar bristles that glide through fur and massages the skin while doing so. The other side has dematting bristles that comb through my knots and eliminate my curly tangles. 

             Just as our humans brush their hair to look good, they need to brush our hair for all the same reasons. Remember, we are their whole world so we need to look our very best. Let’s jump into how this whole at-home-brushing thing can benefit us furry four-leggers. Getting brushed regularly: removes our dead hair (which would later end up on your pawrents pants), stimulates the surface of our skin, distributes natural oils giving us a clean and healthy looking coat, and gets rid of dead/dry skin. The biggest perk is that you get a nice relaxing massage from your human a couple times a week, how pawsome ! I have found that strangers are also more likely to give my pets if I have clean and soft fur (score). What is that thing humans say? Oh yeah, put your best paw (fur) forward ! 

             Now, I know not all my furry friends have fur like mine. We are all different and some dogs require different brushing. Dogs should be brushed from bi-weekly to four times a week. Hairless dogs obviously need the least amount of brushing. Short hair dogs should be brushed one to two times a week. Short hair with a thicker coat should be brushed out two times per week. Dogs with long hair, or long thick hair should be brushed three to four times a week. Make sure to let your human know if brushing hurts anywhere, this can let them know there is something wrong or that they need to be more gentle. 

                                                    Sniff ya later !