Plush vs Chew Toys - What Type of Toy Lover Are You?

Hi friends! It is that time again, Friday eve!

So happy for you to be back before starting your weekend of fun. 


Today I want to bark about my, if not every dogs, favourite thing, toys! I am going to give you the rundown on everything dexypaws toys have to offer. Let’s be honest, toys are our favourite thing, second to treats. But, not every dog likes the same kind of toys. It is important to us at dexypaws that we have a wide variety for all the different types of players, chewers, or tug-of-warers. We are sure to have something pawsome that you and your furry friends will love! 

The three main types of toys we have are plush toys, chew toys, and pull/tug toys. There are different kinds of toys because all dogs like something different. Let’s start with plush toys. Plush toys are mainly for those dogs who are softer chewers. Plush toys have a soft texture that is used to protect our mouth’s while we play. Plush toys are also great for dogs who get a little bit of separation anxiety when your human leaves because they can hold the scent of your human. Just like a human baby usually has a favourite toy that they carry around, us dogs are the same. The fabric traps in scents and can be used to comfort you, or just to cuddle with. Dexypaws has a wide variety ranging from plush pizza, fries, popcorn and sushi to beer, footballs and many festive options too. 

There are also softer chew toys with a pull rope option for us four legged friends who like to play tug-of-war with our friends or pawrents. These toys are made with durable soft chewing fabric, with a rope attached to play, pull and tug. A perfect mix of both ! Along with those, we have a couple of rope tug toys for those interactive players who love a challenge. These are great for families with multiple dogs, or puppy play dates.   

For dogs who are more aggressive chewers, we have many different chewing toys. Chew toys are good for dogs who tend to get bored and chew on things they are not supposed to. Having a hard toy to chew helps keep dogs like this entertained so they do not find something of their pawrents to pass time with. We have regular chew toys of different shapes and treat dispensing chew toys. We have chew toys in ball form, hard bone form and nylon chew toys. Our treat dispensing toys are great for a dog who likes a challenge, and a reward. They keep you occupied and you get a treat out of it ! There are ten different treat dispensing toy options for you to pick from. Whatever toy you are looking for, we are sure to have it ! Dexypaws prioritizes having options for all the different kinds of furry friends in our community. 

I gotta run, I have many toy trials to conduct (for business purposes only).

Sniff ya later!