Our No-Pull Bungee Leashes!


I am ready to pawty this weekend, it is the weekend of love. You know what that means, extra treats! 

Anyways, I am glad you found your way back today. I almost did not, I got a little distracted by some birds on the way. But we are here now and ready to bark about a great product (that actually helped me not chase the birds). I would like to introduce you all to the dexypaws no pull bungee leash, with a handle. This leash comes in three different colours: nude, army green and black. As usual, a variety of neutral colours to match anything you have on. The three colour choices also give every colour pup a chance to look good during their time out of the house. These are similar to the running leash I barked about in a previous post ‘Running Leashes - Only at Dexypaws’, but more so for everyday, casual use. 

This is an innovative leash that was designed for the strongest dogs to use. It has both flexibility and comfort with a built-in bungee that absorbs the unwanted power you may give off. There are two different handles: A far handle that is used for walking or running and a traffic handle used for more control in high traffic areas. The leashes are made with a double nylon handle. They are strong, durable and secure. The leashes are 41 inches in length. They are perfect for long walks to the distillery district, to the park, or even just around the neighbourhood. Bungee leashes are also perfect for young pups learning to walk on a leash. Puppies tend to pull and run around in every direction, usually tugging at their neck. These can help them understand that they are connected to something that limits their movement, without harshly jerking them around. 

Similar to the bungee running leash, these are designed for those eager runners and walkers. The bungee part of the leash takes out some of the pull for your human so you are not dragging them around. It gives them a little more control while also allowing you some more leeway to explore while not pulling at your neck. We can not help it, sometimes we get distracted and want to chase the squirrels! These leashes are designed so there are no harsh stops or starts that jerk your human or you in any direction. Making for a better walk or run for everyone involved! These leashes also make it easier for your human to walk multiple dogs at once as that will not be pulled in multiple directions. That means more sibling walks and more furry friend walks. Again, the bungee aspect is great for all! These leashes are my pawrents favourite to use. They really are that pawsome! Not to mention, they would look great with any of our dexypaws collars

I hope you all have a pawfect Valentine's weekend filled with lots of love and more treats.

Sniff ya later!