Oh my dog! Your nose brought you to the right place. It’s my pleasure to smell you, I love your scent. Let me tell you a little bit about myself!      

             For those who do not know me, I’m Dexter! I am so glad you are here on this journey with me (see tail for details). I am a cookies-and-cream looking Aussiedoodle with a big heart and two amazing pawrents here in Toronto, Canada (but dexypaws is American inclusive). I am just 19 months old. My birthday was July 11, yes I am a Cancer. I am hoping I can get a six month old birthday gift… and maybe a cake. I love my humans ! They smell so good and they do not even get mad when I get into the trash, take up the “whole” bed, chew on socks, get too dirty, eat their food when they are not looking (sorry mom), or even when I chase after squirrels. They always take me on boat rides, to the distillery market, take me to see my family at the Cottage and try their best to keep me active. My favourite activities include: meeting new furry friends, getting pets and bellyrubs, playing, eating, wagging my tail, chewing things I should not be, napping, begging for treats when I can and of course, cuddling! You can usually find me at doggy day care, snuggling with my blanket, or enjoying some of my favourite dexypaws treats: the Bocce Santa Smores, or the Bocce Birthday Cake Treats.

             I want to introduce you to my new blog, Dexter’s Blog. Twice weekly I will be barking with all my furry friends and their humans. I will be sharing my thoughts on new toys, tasty treats, fun accessories and other important dog related information, according to me. You will find new product spotlights, Dexter treat reviews, and news from the doggy-sphere. My goal is for all my furry friends to be just as happy as I am, have all the best toys while also informing our humans on all things dog. Remember, if you are happy, they are happy! After all, we are their number one pawority… at least I think we are.

            This is a space for me to share my thoughts, reviews and tips to being a happy dog and living your best life. Tell your pawrents to subscribe! There will be information for them as well to help communicate with us four legged friends. Additionally I want to further build the dexypaws community. I want to bark about things you give a woof about, too! You can contact my pawrents with thoughts or questions via email at info@dexypaws.com. Also check out my Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok at dexypaws for all the cute pictures of me, being me, and features of my friends too! I will get to all of your messages after my daily naps on the couch and maybe a few treats.



      Thanks for reading, check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Sniff you later!