Our Dexypaws Exclusive Scrunchie & Bandana Set

Hi all my furry friends, it is a new week!

It is my pleasure to be here with you again to bark about a fun product that both my human & I love.

I want to tell you all about the dexypaws flax plaid linen bandana and scrunchie set. It is the perfect addition to your furry friend's wardrobe. The best part is that you get to match with your human, or is it that they get to match with you… Regardless, this neutral set will match just about anything and is great for any season. This light tan colour is perfect for the fall, as we all love fall neutrals. The plaid fits perfectly with the winter. At the same time, the colour and pattern are not too loud for the spring and summer. The most versatile piece in your closet while also being aesthetically pleasing. Some of us pups love an aesthetic too, have you seen my mood board?

The bandana is made from soft breathable material that is also thick being made from two layers. It is cozy while also being luxurious. The bandana is also hypoallergenic, which is great for those pups who may get itchy with something around their neck. The bandana comes in sizes ranging from small to large. The small fits necks up to 15 inches, the medium fits necks up to 18 inches and the large fits necks up to 21 inches. The size guide is based on an average size for each breed. I, Dexter, am an aussieadoodle and wear a medium. The scrunchie for my human is made from the same soft, cotton material. The bandana and scrunchie match perfectly. They are great for a day out at the park, a long walk, or those cute instagram pictures we all want ! The scrunchie is 1.25 inches wide. Both the bandana and scrunchie have a small dexypaws logo sewn in as well. So we can always be repping our favourite brand ! These bandanas also pair well with some of our other apparel and accessory items. Like our jackets for those in a wintery climate like myself, our puffer vests, our collars that come in four different colours, our variety of leashes and our black harness. We want our dexypaws community to always be in style, and more importantly to be comfortable while doing so!

Now, we know that getting the bandana and scrunchie set is perfect for you and your one human. The good news is that the scrunchie and bandana are also sold separately, so all your siblings can match you and your human too! This would be pawfect for cute family pictures, maybe a holiday card, or even just to match another furry friend of yours. What is cuter than matching your very best furry friend ? This would be a great gift to your favourite park buddy and their human ! That reminds me, I have a play date to get to.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to sniff you later!