Treats, Treats & More Treats!

Hi friends! I have such a fun topic to bark about today. We all love them, we all want them and we all need them, treats!

I think we can all agree that we will do anything for a treat… or maybe that is just me. Regardless of your behaviours, dexypaws has treats for all your needs! We have lots of different kids, flavours and textures. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated with our treat options! I briefly talked about the variety of treats we have in our last blog post (New Puppy Parents? We Have You Covered!). I will go into a bit more details about our pawsome treat options. It is hard to pick my favourite, they are all so yummy!

Let's start with our training treats. These are very important to have with a young puppy around. I mentioned in the previous post how important they are for puppies learning to sit, potty outside, and even pose for a cute Instagram picture. Bite sized treats act as a reward for puppies when they are doing what their pawrents have asked of them. Using training treats reiterates the puppy is doing the right thing! The Bocce’s Bakery training bites are made from 100% real ingredients and are wheat free.

Dexypaws also carries many other treats from Bocce’s Bakery. All of the treats from this line are made from real ingredients. This is crucial as the health of all my furry friends and myself is the most important. The Bocce’s Bakery treats range from biscuits to soft and chewy bites. There are many different flavours to pick from as well. The flavors consist of pumpkin, peanut butter, bacon, blueberry and much more. It is hard to pick a favourite, you will have to try them all! We even have fun, festive ones for the holidays! There are also two different Boo Boo’s Best Super Food treats in pork and turkey. Both flavors are human raised and grain free.

If you are more of a chewer, we also have many options for you! Additionally, we carry elk antlers in sizes medium, large and extra large. As well as bison jerky, bully sticks and yak chews. The himalayan yak chews are the healthiest alternative for rawhide chews. They are all natural and 100% digestible. The bully sticks are also a great alternative to rawhide and are ethically sourced as well and are odor free. If you have ever chewed a regular bully stick (my pawrents least favorite treat), you know how nice odor free is. Dexypaws also has a variety of different elk antlers to chew on. Size medium and large in both split and whole antlers. There is an extra large size option in the whole antler as well. These antlers are 100% natural and provide a healthy source of calcium, glucosamine and essential minerals. The antlers are long lasting and odor free. The bison burger jerky and bison heart chews are made from grass-fed colorado bison.

All this treat talk has my tummy rumbling!

Gotta go, I have a bully stick with my name on it.