New Puppy Pawrents? We have you covered!

What’s up pawty animals, glad to smell you are back!

Today I wanted to give a little insight on what I think may be good for any new puppy pawrents. I will be barking about everything you may need from dexypaws for the perfect puppy starter pack. All of my favourite things when I was a young pup and all the things that made it easier for my pawrents to maintain a happy puppy. There are a few things puppy items I would say you have to have: Some training treats, a dexypaws slow feeder, a collar, poop bag carrier/poop bags, a ball to play, a teething ring and other teething toys and a bandana (for cute purposes only).  

Let's talk about treats first, my favourite thing. We carry the Bocce’s Bakery treat line as well as elk antlers of many varieties, bully sticks and yak chews. Training treats are very important for those puppies learning to sit, potty outside, and even pose for a cute Instagram picture. These bite sized treats serve as a small reward for doing what your pawrents ask. We have two different flavour training bites, both are delicious and reiterate the puppy is doing the correct thing! A few of my favourite other treats are the brushy bites, the candy hearts (perfect for Valentines day), the unicorn shake biscuits, and the birthday cake biscuits. All the treats are so yummy, you cannot go wrong.

The next important puppy starter item is the dexypaws slow feeder. I have shared about our pawsome slow feeders previously (see ‘Our Exclusive Dexypaws Slow Feeder’ blog post). Slow feeders serve to slow down the speed that dogs can eat at. They have many health benefits that help with digestion of the food. This is great for puppies as they tend to eat quickly as they are growing and are always hungry. The dexypaws slow feeder comes in five different colours and say “dexypaws” in the middle. Dexy paws also has two simple white bowls for “water” and “food”. 

Next in the puppy starter pack is a collar. Most dogs wear a collar with a name tag to be easily identified by other humans. Starting a puppy with a collar at a young age will help make them comfortable wearing one, along with leash training. Dexypaws carries four different colour options with two leash options to match. Another very important item is the poop bags and a poop bag carrier. All dogs use the bathroom and most areas require it to be picked up. Dexypaws has four different poopcase colours: pink, seafoam, grey and white. Along with unscented compostable waste bags

To complete the puppy starter pack, you will need lots of toys! Puppies love to play and nibble on everything and anything. Having toy options will help them not destroy anything that belongs to our humans. Dexypaws has all kinds of toy options. It is important to have teething toys around while puppies are growing and teething. Plush toys are good to have and squeaky toys too. My favourite toys are the dexypaws treat dispenser toys. You can play and get treats while doing so! Adding a bandana to your puppy starter pack will serve your pawrents more than you, but you will be the cutest pup around. 

I hope my suggestions help your pawrents get started, sniff ya later!