Meet the Team

Welcome to Dexypaws, where we're just a bunch of gals who love dogs and cats and making life with them easier and more fun! 


We're all about bringing style and quality to pet products that fit right into your home. Think of us as your fellow pet-loving pals, here to help you navigate the world of pet care with products that not only keep your furry friends happy but also look darn good doing it!


Meet the Team

 Kourtney Russiani - Founder/President

I founded Dexypaws to redefine the pet industry with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products. Inspired by my Aussie-doodle, Dexter, and my years of experience in product development, I wanted to create something special. Dexypaws enhances pet and owner lives. Dexter loves barking and smiling at mail deliverers, food deliverers, and other people walking by. He even makes people stop and wave at the window to him. He is our light! As a female founder, working with other women is empowering; I love building a business that uplifts and empowers women while helping pets live their best life.

Dexter - CEO and Chief Product Approver

I thrive on all thing’s product, especially the joy of approving them and working alongside my Mom. A connoisseur of peanut butter treats, I adore my lick mats and cherish belly rubs on the couch with my parents. I couldn't have asked for a better job! Ensuring my pup friends live their best lives while enjoying the products I help approve brings me immense happiness!


Emily Pettigrew - Head of Social Strategy & Marketing 

Hi there! I'm Emily Pettigrew, the Social Media and Marketing Strategist here at Dexypaws. With a strong foundation in advertising and marketing, combined with a diverse background in social media management, I'm passionate about helping pets thrive and connecting with our community. At Dexypaws, I focus on raising awareness of the amazing and innovative products we create, ensuring that every pet parent knows about the solutions we offer for their furry companions. Alongside me on this journey is my loyal sidekick, Lany, who was born into Dexypaws as a pup. Together, we enjoy every moment (and treat) shared, including the Dexypaws photoshoots with her cousin Dexter. It's a joy to be part of the Dexypaws family, where our love for pets shines through in everything we do. 


Sabrina Mazzotta - E-Commerce Manager 

Hello! My name is Sabrina and I manage on all things related to the Dexypaws website and e-Commerce platforms. As someone who enjoys bringing a brand's vision to life through the digital world, and also a huge dog lover myself, having worked with Dexypaws from the creation of the brand brings me so much joy! Oh and my rescue pup Tallow is always keen to taste test and be alongside her pal Dexter to try out new and innovative products ;)


Mishel Menezes - Marketing and Product Coordinator

I'm Mishel Menezes, the Marketing and Product Coordinator at Dexypaws. With a background rooted in fashion and product development, my journey at Dexypaws is a perfect fusion of my skills and personal passion for pets. Growing up, my family and I were deeply involved in rescuing and rehabilitating animals, fostering my lifelong love for animals. Being a part of the Dexy team allows me to channel that passion into the wonderful products we create here!  

I am a proud mom to my cat, Pluto. He unexpectedly came into my life when I moved to Canada, and now we are inseparable! He loves watching his cartoons, attending house parties, and trying on new outfits. He has a unique personality that makes him an absolute star! 


Aparna - Customer Relations Manager

From a young age, I've had a special connection with dogs. They've always provided me the greatest joy and are fantastic teachers when it comes to patience, living in the present moment and knowing how to have fun. Being a part of Dexypaws keeps me aligned with these values and fuels my passion to create and nurture opportunities that help you provide a wholesome life for your pet. 
Drawing on my years of experience as a customer liaison, I enjoy fostering connections with our partners in order to serve you, our Dexypaws community, in the best way possible. When I'm not working, you can find me out in nature with my pup, Chief, or at home most likely teaching him a new trick (he currently knows how to do 30+ tricks!).