Running Leashes - Only at Dexypaws!

Hello my furry friends! It is almost the weekend, time to pawty! 


Today I want to bark about the dexypaws running leashes. It comes in grey and blue, and solid black. These are hands-free leashes that allow our pawrents to use their hands while walking or running with us. It is perfect for a walk, run, or a hike. The leashes have a reflective band so we can be seen at night. They have an absorbent shock technology so we will not be pulled back harshly. The leashes connect to a waistband that goes around our human and clips shut. Both leashes are adjustable. The grey and blue leash has two different handles, and the waistband has two clips for keys, a little water bowl/bottle, a poop bag carrier, a big bag of treats (hopefully) and more. The black leash has an extra clip as well and is a standard 6 feet and fits up to 45 inches and is 2.5 cm in width. The grey and blue leash is 160-260 cm in length and fit between 70-120 cm waist and is 1 inch in width. 

These leashes can serve different dogs for different purposes. Which is what I love about this product, it can accommodate all my furry friends. The most obvious benefit of this type of leash is that our human can walk us while maybe talking on the phone, drinking a coffee, carrying the groceries, picking up behind us, or maybe even walking another pup. The bungee part of the leashes that is absorbent is good for those dogs who tend to pull or run fast. The absorbent part takes the pull off of the human walking us, and takes some pressure off of our neck if we lunge or jump at something. It allows us to extend a little further than a regular leash while also being connected to our person. The leashes being attached to a human's waist also allows us dogs more room to sniff around. We can walk in a circumference around our humans without getting their arms all tangled up or losing any leash length (if they are okay with us roaming, of course). 

The reflective lining on both color options for this leash is great for dogs who like early morning or late night walks. Especially those dogs who have darker fur that is hard to see in the dark. We want our dexypaws community to stay safe, always ! My mom loves these leashes because she can control me better. She likes taking me to Starbucks, the Distillery district and even to Queen West. It is much easier for her to run with me when she can use both her hands and still be connected to me ! I run very fast, so it is better for my pawrents to not get pulled by my weight when the leash is around their waists. The two different handles allow for me to have a little leeway, or a lot of leeway. Depending where we are or the type of traffic around whether that be cars, bikes or people ! Overall, the dexypaws running leashes make things easier for our humans and also us. There is nothing better than a product that benefits both your pawrents and you ! 

Looking forward to barking with you next week, sniff ya later!